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This site provides detailed pictures of arterial and venous operations in various parts of the body. The site is initiated as a means of providing tools for surgical residents and surgeons interested in vascular surgery.

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disclaimer vascularproceduresThe information provided should not be interpreted as medical or professional advice. All information from "Vascularprocedures" needs careful reviewing by a trusted health-care provider before acted upon in any way. The site is subject to adaptations at irregular intervals at the discretion of the authors. Use of information from this website for commercial other than approved by the authors is not permitted. Unless otherwise noted, all documents accessed from "Vascularprocedures" are viewed as precious resource of the authors, all rights reserved. Use of any data or other materials obtained from this site without the written permission of the authors may result in action being taken against offenders. Copying or transferring data presented on this site is prohibited.

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