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equipmentThe current site provides detailed pictures of arterial and venous operations in various parts of the body and is initiated as a means of providing tools for residents in vascular surgery. The site is not meant to replace text books. In fact, there is a considerable amount of impressive books dealing with vascular surgery. Some are even considered excellent and are pivotal in the education of young vascular residents. Almost any surgical technique or operation is drawn schematically and a few are even pictured (in part) in these vascular ‘bibles’. A major drawback is the fact that these books usually do not teach which consecutive steps are to be taken to successfully complete a vascular procedure.

A vascular website has a potential of filling up the holes that characterize these vascular textbooks. Interestingly, there are not many websites that focus on educating young surgeons in basic surgical techniques used in vascular surgery. An argument for initiating the present site "Vascularprocedures" was a provocative Dutch article concluding that ‘Internet is a disappointment when it comes to vascular surgery’.

doctorsThe author of "Vascularprocedures" has taken his first step in building a vascular website in the early 2001’s by purchasing digital equipment that could be mastered one handedly allowing to picture operational fields at a very short distance. All patients consented to this process. Since then, numerous vascular operations have been documented by the author and his colleagues and categorized as listed on the left hand panel. The ultimate goal is to provide basic surgical tools for residents and surgeons interested in vascular surgery.
It must be stressed that the list of operations is incomplete. Moreover, text and digital information both reflect the author’s personal view on these issues. Surgical techniques that are discussed and depicted are therefore not necessarily considered ‘first choice’ by other vascular surgeons.

Potential contributors contemplating to share digital material on ‘absent’ operations may want to do so. These and other visitors are asked to provide their commentary in the section ‘suggestions/criticisms’. Enjoy your studies!

December 2005,

Marc R. Scheltinga, vascular surgeon
Máxima Medical Center Veldhoven,
The Netherlands


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